"i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression

make me choose: meredithstepien asked: greyjoy or tully?


Mirror Mirror, Gregory Maguire

Goodnight, sweet prince. 

I read once that holding your breath could stop a panic attack. So when I kissed you, you held your breath.






You can be mature and respectful and still have a dirty sense of humour.

 You can curse a lot and still be highly intelligent with a massive vocabulary.

You can be quiet and reserved and still be witty and even outgoing in certain circles.

You can be intelligent and sharp-minded and still forget what month it is

you can dance if you wanna, you can leave your friends behind


tell your father i’m here, and tell him the lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts

Run Devil Run

Girls Generation (L) & Kesha (R)

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Run Devil Run Mashup

  • English version: Kesha (right ear)
  • Korean version: Girls Generation (left ear)


so achievement hunter is like american yogscast….?

The first thing I tell anybody who wants to become an actor is: You had better get used to looking stupid because you don’t have the luxury of being embarrassed. Self-consciousness is your worst enemy. This is not glamorous work.


50% of my time: playing video games

50% of my time: watching youtube videos of other people playing video games

You are in an open field. On one side of you is a deep pit, filled with bones and ashes and hellish things. On the other side is your house, yours sons, the Fjord, and the sunlight is striking the snow high on the mountains. If you want to reach your house, then you must push the baby out as Freya would. Let him rip you, but push out. Choose life.